1. Assessor

    The Assessor’s Office is responsible for compliance of all state laws and regulations of the Nevada Tax Commission and also provides Department of Motor Vehicle services for vehicle registration and titling.

  2. Building Department / Community Development

    Storey County Community Development is standing by to assist residents and businesses who are undertaking either a new development or remodeling an existing structure.

  3. Business License

    As a division of both the Building, Planning, and Economic Development departments, the Business License office is an integral partner in the economic growth of Storey County.

  4. Clerk

    The Clerks Office is divided into 3 sections: the Treasurer, Clerk, and District Court.

  5. Communications

    The Communications Department works collaboratively with police, fire, and emergency medical services to provide citizens and visitors with expedient, efficient, courteous, and professional response.

  6. Community Development

    Storey County Community Development is standing by to assist residents and businesses who are undertaking either a new development or remodeling an existing structure.

  7. Community Relations

    The Community Service Office serves as a liaison to several community support agencies.

  8. Comptroller

    The Comptroller Office, which was appointed in March 2008, was created to oversee the finances of Storey County.

  9. District Attorney

    The District Attorney enforces the criminal laws, and acts as counsel for the County Commission and the Storey County School Board, as well as other county boards and agencies.

  10. District Court

    The Storey County District Court has general jurisdiction over all legal disputes. This is the court where criminal, civil, family, and juvenile matters are generally resolved through arbitration, mediation and bench, or jury trials.

  11. Economic Development

    The Economic Development office provides businesses a number of comprehensive, free of charge, confidential programs designed to aid in their success, as well as fuel the economic growth in Storey County.

  12. Emergency Management

    The primary function of the Emergency Management Department is to provide the planning and coordination of response, recovery, and mitigation of natural and man made disasters occurring within Storey County.

  13. Fire Protection District

    Learn more about how the Fire Department keeps you safe, while also serving as a community resource to help instruct people on fire safety.

  14. Human Resources

    The Storey County Office of Human Resources administers a comprehensive personnel program for all County Departments.

  15. Justice Court / Justice of the Peace

    The Justice Court presides over traffic, criminal, misdemeanors, civil, small claims, protection orders, and landlord-tenant matters.

  16. Parks & Pool

    The job of the Parks and Pool division within the Tourism and Community Services Department is to oversee the design, development and maintenance of 4 county parks and public outdoor areas, as well as the county pool, to help ensure that citizens and visitors alike enjoy high quality recreational experiences here in Storey County.

  17. Planning

    The Storey County Planning Department exists to promote the sound development and redevelopment of the county through the application of modern planning principles and growth management concepts.

  18. Public Works

    Find information on utilities, water quality, building and grounds, and more.

  19. Recorder

    The primary goal of the Storey County Recorder’s Office is to maintain accurate, reliable stewardship of the county's public records through strict compliance with all applicable laws and the dedication of professional, well-trained staff.

  20. Sheriff

    It is the mission of the Storey County Sheriff's Office to serve the residents of Storey County by providing safe and secure communities using the resources entrusted to us.

  21. Tourism

  22. Treasurer

    As the receiving agent for the county the Storey County Treasurer oversees receipt of all public funds for the County of Storey, Storey County School District, the State of Nevada, and other taxing entities within Storey County.