Community Programs

Throughout the year, the Storey County Fire Protection District is involved in a number of activities aimed at fire prevention. Additionally, the department hosts a variety of community outreach workshops, such as CPR training and fire safety lectures at the local schools. We encourage all citizens of Storey County to get involved and to join us periodically for fire safety and prevention workshops. They are fun, and they’ll help you help us keep our businesses and homes safe!
  1. Ambulance Subscription

    The Storey County Fire Protection District offers enrollment year round in the Ambulance Subscription Program.

  2. Burn Permits

    Apply for a burn permit before starting a controlled burn.

  3. Virginia City Highlands Fire Safe Council

    The Virginia City Highlands Fire Safe Council was established to help involve residents in practicing fire-safe activities in the Virginia City Highlands.

  4. You Call We, Haul Program

    Research and experience has shown that fuel reduction around homes increases the probability of it surviving a wildfire. Fuel reduction through vegetation management is the key to creating good defensible space and it is crucial to reducing the threat and effects of wild land fire.