Code Requirements

The Storey County Fire Department currently maintains an inter-local contract with the State of Nevada for all plan reviews and inspections, including:
  • Educational facilities
  • State buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Cursory hazardous materials facilities
This Contract is attached as information for our customers.

It is the responsibility of the State Fire Marshal to adopt the newest International Fire Codes. We must then adhere to these codes and cannot be less stringent than the codes in which they have adopted. Our department can however be more stringent than codes adopted by the State Fire Marshal and we have implemented amendments to the State Codes.

Commercial buildings require the general contractor or owner to submit plans for fire and life safety review. This is condensed into a comprehensive packet of information (PDF).  For the policy on Fire Pump Size - Fire Flows, click here.  If the provisions of the international fire code cannot be met with standard approved materials, methods and workmanship approved through the international fire code, click here.

Annual inspections are required for all business that either required a business license are or renewing a business license. These are scheduled during winter in an effort to not inconvenience our customers. You may download this form so that you will know what we are inspecting for prior to our arrival and therefore hopefully expediting the process to not burden our customers unnecessarily.

Due to the environment and constant threat of wildfires within our county we conduct annual residential inspections. These are referred to as 30 foot clearance inspections. Another valuable resource to the home owner is a publication from the Nevada Cooperative Extension Living with Fire.