Sealing of Records

Sealing of records is a highly sensitive issue, and you are encouraged to seek legal advice. Although our staff is happy to serve you, it is against the law for our staff to give legal advice or to assist you in completing the forms.

Steps for Sealing Records

  1. Obtain a current, certified copy of your criminal history print-out. Your local print-out may be obtained from the Storey County Sheriff's Office. Their phone number is 775-847-0959.
  2. Prepare the forms.
  3. Furnish the district attorney's office with an original and 3 copies of the forms and criminal history. The original and the copies will be returned to you.
  4. If the district attorney's office signs the stipulation, you will then file the original and copies with the Virginia Township Justice Court. You are responsible for the appropriate filing fee.
  5. If and when the order is signed by the judge, the packet will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to notify all applicable agencies of the Order Sealing Records. Attach to each order a return which will, upon compliance, be forwarded to the court and to you.
Forms are available online.