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Posted on: February 25, 2019

County Manager Candidates Selected

As the current County Manager, it is my pleasure to announce the individuals who will be interviewed on Tuesday , February 26th for the position of County Manager. Interviews will be conducted by 2 separate panels, one consisting of private citizens either living in Storey County or working with us frequently over the years and the other being a small portion of Staff and Elected Officials. While we have previously announced those serving on the panels, as a reminder they are:

Citizen Panel

  • Corby Hansen
  • Mike Nevin
  • Laura Kekule
  • Pam Becker
  • Bob Maccario
  • Tom Taormina
  • Randy Pitts
  • Marilou Walling
  • Scott Jolcover

Staff Panel

  • Jen Chapman *
  • Gary Hames
  • Hugh Gallagher
  • Anne Langer
  • Jeff Nevin
  • Jason Wierzbicki
  • Jessie Fain
  • Jerry Antinoro
  • Deny Dotson
  • Pat Whitten

* Not previously announced. Substitution for Vanessa Stephens due to availability

We sincerely thank all the above individuals for dedicating their time and knowledge in helping Storey County choose the very best next County Manager. After a thorough process which included initial vetting of required qualifications and telephone interviews to insure applicants understood certain core requirements including that if chosen by the Board of Commissioners, they must reside in Storey County within a reasonable amount of time, followed by verifications of employment and educational background, I am pleased to announce the following 4 individuals have successfully advanced to the panel interviews tomorrow:

  • Brenda Findley
  • Ron Knecht
  • Austin Osborne
  • Marena Works

We sincerely thank all applicants for their expressions of interest and congratulate the 4 individuals listed above. The panels will recommend their top candidates to the Board of County Commissioners for interview at their March 19th meeting. Prior to that meeting, an independent background check including credit history plus a thorough reference check will be completed.



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