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Date Posted: (06/04/2014) Posted by: Clerk/Treasurer''''''''s Office
2014 Primary Election Results

Storey County will once again post up-to-the-minute local election results as precinct votes are tallied next Tuesday evening beginning shortly after 7:00 pm.  County-wide results for State and Federal offices cannot be released until authorized by the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.  If you are tracking us via our website (www.storeycounty.org), please frequently refresh this page Tuesday evening to view the most recent results.  Early voting ends this Friday (June6th) and is now available only at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office in Virginia City from 8:00 am thru 6:00 pm today thru Friday.  Polls will be open on Election Day (June 10th) from 7:00 am thru 7:00 pm.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (775) 847-0969.  I encourage each and every registered voter to vote and show Nevada and our Country one of the highest voter turnouts ever!

Vanessa Stephens

Storey County Clerk/Treasurer

Updated as of 9:40 am on June 10th...Election Polls are Open and Ready for You to Vote!

As of 7:30 pm, all Storey County Polls are closed.

As of 10:40 pm, all Storey County results are up-to-date  and "final" subject to Canvass by the Storey County Board of Commissioners at their next Commission meeting scheduled for June 17th.  Thank you very much for getting out and exercising your right to vote.  We''''ll see you in November!

Vanessa Stephens
Storey County Clerk/Treasurer

Storey County Primary Election Results

Please refresh web page for up-to-date results.

Posted As Of June 10, 2014 @ 10:15 PM

 Precincts Counted: All Precincts Counted - Final Results Subject to Canvass

Local Partisan Offices

County Commissioner - District 2  (Republican)  (4 year term)

McGuffey, Jack  222

Pursel, Loren  202

Sjovangen, William “Bill”  (I)  147

Slaby, Robert  080

Local Nonpartisan Offices

Sheriff   (4 Year Term)

Antinoro, Gerald  (I) 632

Guthrie, Tim 298

Mahan, Shawn P. 341

School Board Trustee – Seat 2A  (4 year term)

Nevin, Jeffrey  (I)  1045

School Board Trustee – Seat 2B  (4 year term)

Field, Ronald  467

Fonzo, Gabrielle 117

Kershaw, Bob 284

Miller, Dawn 305

(I) Denotes Incumbent



Federal and State Office results representing final votes cast in Storey County only will be posted on Wednesday morning or as authorized by the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. As these offices are determined on a regional and/or statewide basis, please visit http://nvsos.gov/ or consult major media sources for cumulative results.

Federal & Statewide Offices

Representative in Congress, District 2 (Democrat)  (2 year term)

Alm, Vance 037

Dempsey, Brian 090

Lee, Ed 028

Spees, Kristen 109

Governor  (Democrat)  (4 year term)

Chang, Charles “Charlie” 021

Conquest, Frederick L. 011

Frye, Stephen H. 033

Goodman, Robert “Bob” 054

Hyepock, Chris 005

Rheinhart, Allen 012

Rutledge, John 020

Shabazz, Abdul H. 009

None of These Candidates 138

Governor  (Republican)  (4 year term)

Hamilton, Eddie “In Liberty” 023

Marinch, Gary 004

Sandoval, Brian  (I) 598

Tarbell, William 011

Tighe, Thomas J. 008

None of These Candidates 027

State Assembly- District 39 (Republican)  (2 year term)

Reedy, Robin 238

Wheeler, Jim (I) 398

Lieutenant Governor (Democrat)  (4 year term)

Flores, Lucy 180

Kulkin, Harley Zane 033

None of These Candidates 091

Lieutenant Governor  (Republican)  (4 year term)

Dyer, Chris 058

Hutchison, Mark 304

Lowden, Sue 222

None of These Candidates 079

State Controller  (Republican)  (4 year term)

Arlint, Cort R. 058

Herr, Barry 061

Knecht, Ron 385

None of These Candidates 135

District Court Judge – District 1; Department 1  (Nonpartisan)  (6 year term)

Russell, James Todd 1040

District Court Judge – District 1; Department 2  (Nonpartisan)  (6 year term)

Wilson, Jim 1046

*** Election results are not considered official until the vote has been canvassed by the County Commission. If you have any questions please contact the Storey County Clerk/Treasurer Office at 847-0969 or by email to clerk@storeycounty.org ***


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