Building and Fire Codes

Storey County building code, fire codes and all amendments are adopted by the Board of Commissioners as ordinances. 

Storey County Community Development utilizes standards outlined by the information from the International Code Council. These I-Codes are updated every three years by the International Code Council through the governmental consensus process. 

Storey County, as well as state and local governments across the country, have adopted I-Codes specific to local conditions.

The following ordinances have been adopted by the Storey County Fire Protection District and are enforced through an Interlocal contract for services by the Community Development Department. 

8.12.010 Inspection Authority

It is the duty of the fire chief, or other designated officer, to inspect or cause to be inspected, as often as may be necessary, but not less than annually, commercial structures, premises, vacant lots, and public thoroughfares, except the interiors of private dwellings, for the purpose of ascertaining and causing it be corrected any condition liable to cause fire, or any violation of the provisions or intent of any ordinance affecting the fire hazards. (Ordinance 174 § 1, 2002)

8.12.020 Order to Abate

Whenever an officer finds in any building or upon any premises or other place, combustible or explosive matter or dangerous accumulation of rubbish or unnecessary accumulation of wastepaper, boxes, shavings, weeds, brush, or any other highly flammable materials, especially liable to fire, old and unused outhouses or buildings which are so situated as to endanger property, or finds obstructions to or on fire escapes, stairs, passageways, doors, or windows liable to interfere with the operations of the fire department, or egress of occupants in case of fire, he shall order the same to be removed or remedied and such order shall forthwith be complied with by the owner or occupant of such premises or building, subject to appeal within 5 days to the board of county commissioners, who shall within 15 days review such order and file its decision thereon, and unless the order is revoked or modified, it shall remain in full force and be obeyed by such owner or occupant. (Ordinance 3 § 2, 1956)

8.12.030 Order to Abate - Service

The service of any order shall be made upon the occupant of the premises, to whom it is directed by either delivering a true copy of the same to such occupant personally or by delivering the same to and leaving it with any person in charge of the premises, or in case no such person is found, upon the premises by affixing a copy thereof in a conspicuous place on the door or to the entrance of said premises. Whenever it may be necessary to serve such an order upon the owner of premises, such order may be served either by delivering to and leaving with the said person a true copy of said order, or, if such owner is absent from the jurisdiction of the officer making the order, by mailing such copy to said owner's last known post office address. (Ordinance 3 § 4, 1956)

8.12.040 Order to Abate - Failure to Comply

Any owner or occupant failing to comply or commence substantial compliance with such order within 5 days after the appeal shall have been determined, or if no appeal is taken, then within 5 days after the service of said order, shall be liable to a penalty as stated in Section 8.12.050 of this chapter. (Ordinance 3 § 3, 1956)

8.12.050 Right of Entry - Penalty for Violation

Fire inspection officials may, with the consent of the owner or occupant of any premises, enter such premises or property to inspect the same for fire hazards. All other entries by such officials shall be on presentation of a warrant except in exigent (emergency) circumstances. Failure to comply with directives given to correct identified fire hazards may result in a misdemeanor prosecution. (Ordinance 3A § 5, 1956)

Currently Adopted Storey County Codes

The following are the 2018 ICC Model Codes as adopted by Storey County:

International Building Code - IBC
- With amendments
National Electrical Code - NEC 2017
International Energy Conservation Code - IECC 2018
International Fire Code - IFC
- With amendments
International Fuel Gas Code - IFGC 2018
International Mechanical Code - IMC 2018
Uniform Mechanical Code - UMC 2018
Uniform Plumbing Code - UPC 2018
International Residential Code - IRC 2018
International Existing Building Code - IEBC 2018
National Fire Protection Association 2017
International Swimming Pool and Spa Code - ISPSC 2018
International Wildland Urban Interface Code - IWUIC
- With amendments
Northern Nevada Amendments published by Northern Nevada Chapter of the International Code Council
Northern Nevada Energy Code Amendments published by the Northern Nevada Chapter of the International Code Council 2011

: Where conflicts occur between the codes referenced above, the amendments will apply.