Due to the large-scale nature and scope of commercial and industrial developments, applicants are strongly advised to meet with a Community Development representative on all commercial projects prior to submitting a building permit application. This will help ensure your application is complete prior to submission and that all guidelines and requirements are satisfied.

Please contact the Building Department Office at 775-847-0966 or by email for help applying and submitting projects.

Requirements & Policies

The following are the general requirements and policies for commercial and industrial building projects in Storey County:

  • The building permit and house numbers (or lot and block for new subdivisions) shall be posted in front of the site and be visible from the main road or entrance.
  • Most building inspections require that the approved permit plan set be on site for the inspector’s use. Please see the back side of you permit for a complete listing of required inspections. 
  • If any changes or deviations (e.g. adding a deck, changing a beam or joist size, changing location on property, etc.) are made from the approved permit plans, the plans must be revised and resubmitted for approval of our plans review staff before the appropriate inspection is requested. The desired changes must be clearly designated.
  • Soil evaluations are required for construction of new buildings (excluding additions to existing structures). The geotechnical report for the site must be submitted before issuance of the building permit for the new structure and must include a suitable foundation design bearing the stamp and seal of a Professional Engineer licensed by the state of Nevada.
  • Electrical code requirements:
    • Storey County has an electrical code requiring that in any commercial/industrial building, all electrical must be in conduit.
  • Health Department reviews and approvals:
  • Virginia City Historic District
    • Has specific requirements and certifications
  • TRI (Tahoe Reno Industrial) Center GID