Fire Protection District

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Recruiting Information

This information is for the Storey County Fire Protection District and should not be misconstrued as representative of any other department within the testing consortium.

2005 Community Wildfire Protection Plan

About the Fire Protection District

Each of our stations is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and is strategically positioned throughout the county to give us timely access to respond to each community. All of our team members, from Firefighter through Fire Chiefs and Administrative personnel, are dedicated to serving our community. These fine men and women help keep the residents, businesses, and visitors of Storey County healthy and safe year round by responding quickly and effectively to any emergency that faces our citizens.

Every day, your emergency services team strives to provide the highest quality of service possible to the citizens and visitors of Storey County.

Mission, Vision & Values

The purpose of the Storey County Fire Protection District mission statement, vision statement, and core values is to provide clear direction on what it is that we do, what we want to strive to accomplish, and what values we have as an organization. It should also serve as a benchmark and foundation for all of our actions.

Mission Statement

Be nice, solve problems, and serve community.

Vision Statement

Assure that we have the right person, with the right training, at the right time, and at the right cost.

Core Values

  • Get there quick
  • Take away pain
  • Tell people why and what we are doing
  • Be professional
  • Be nice