Ambulance Subscription

The Storey County Fire Protection District offers enrollment year round in the Ambulance Subscription Program. It is open to all residents within our response area, including:

  • Virginia City
  • Gold Hill
  • Virginia City Highlands
  • Mark Twain Estates
  • Lockwood
  • Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex
This program is also available to non-Storey County residents working in Storey County during their normal work hours and during travel to and from work within Storey County.

Program Coverage Rates

This program will cover Storey County households for:

  • $25 dollars per year for a Head of Household, as stated on most recent income tax return, age 65 and over
  • $40 per year for a Head of Household, as stated on most recent income tax return, under age 65
  • $10 per year for each eligible dependent regardless of age, maximum fee per household of $75
The annual fee for non-residents is:

  • $25 per year for a subscriber age 65 and over
  • $40 per year for a subscriber under age 65
No spouse or dependent coverage is available for non-Storey County residents.

This subscription is not an insurance policy, but rather a benefit offered to the residents and employees of our service area. It will cover your out-of-pocket expenses associated with your private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The Fire Protection District will still bill insurance, where applicable, but balances and deductibles will be covered through this program.

Reciprocal Agreements and Subscription Renewals

If you are treated or transported by Carson City Fire Department, North or Central Lyon County Fire Protection Districts, or East Fork Fire Protection District, our agreement will be reciprocated by those agencies, and they will honor your Storey County Ambulance Subscription.

This program will not cover any mutual aid or air ambulances. For example, if you require an air lift to a hospital, you will still receive a bill from that agency.

Please call 775-847-0954 for more information.

Each year renewal letters will be sent to current subscribers. Appropriate signatures and payments shall be returned to PO Box 603, Virginia City, NV  89440. There are several ways to sign up for the program: