Volunteer Team

Volunteer Fire Department Team

Since 1860, Storey County has been served by a volunteer fire department function. Although the county now has the dedicated service of a core of career staff firefighters and paramedics located in three of the four county stations, the fire department/emergency medical functions must still be backed up with the volunteer firefighter system to be able to get the job done, as the 16 career personnel are a bare minimum for staffing the three stations on a 24/7 basis. The entities work very well together.

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Current Stations

The Storey County Volunteer Fire Department had always consisted of one station located on C Street in Virginia City until 2001, when the county took formal oversight of the Volunteer fire stations located in the Virginia City Highlands, Lockwood, and Six Mile Canyon (Mark Twain Estates) areas.

These autonomous volunteer stations had been established in the 1970s or before but had been under the Nevada Division of Forestry oversight. Although they retain autonomy, the county ensures that adequate and sufficient equipment and operating materials are situated in each of the four stations.

Today, each district still maintains its autonomous volunteer fire department and personnel to provide backup and initial response to fire, medical, and all hazard events occurring within their respective districts.

The Storey County Volunteer Fire Department system is a very progressive, effective, and respected organization throughout the state. They train together, work together, and have interactive social events together. On any given incident, the citizen would never know who is a volunteer and who is a career person. We have both male and female firefighters.

The Importance of Volunteering

Being an active member of a Volunteer Fire Department is of great importance to your community or county. Participation in helping to protect your own neighborhoods and communities is heavy with personal satisfaction and instills pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Volunteer fire departments outnumber career fire departments in America by a 3 to 1 margin. It is a civic responsibility for those able and willing. Volunteer members are highly regarded in their communities, and so they should be.