Becoming a Member

Membership in any local volunteer fire departments (VFD) is overseen on both a centralized basis by the Storey County Fire Department and on a localized basis by the individual volunteer fire department. They cooperate and work together to accomplish the overall goal of protecting Storey County through the combined career/volunteer functions.

Membership is based on a comprehensive application and background investigation basis. Both men and women are currently members and serve proudly and effectively within the program. Being in good health and physically fit is important. Members are required to undergo annual physical medical examinations to ensure fitness for duty.

Anyone is welcome to apply for membership and involvement in the VFD system with any of the four districts. Applications can be obtained online (PDF) or by contacting the station in your particular district.

Other Departments Supported

The VFD function may, at any time, find itself working to support the Sheriff’s Department, Public Works Department, or other aspects of county government.

Community public awareness programs, training, public assistance, and many other helpful activities may be required to support the community.


Each VFD may hold its own fundraising activities to support its group of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers have uniforms they wear which are compatible with the career staff uniforms. The idea is that there should be no real visual difference between a career person and a VFD person. We are all on the same team and function side by side in all emergency events.

This means all VFD personnel must strive to perform to a high level of competency so as to establish their own credibility factor and to be able to instill confidence in both your fellow VFD members and the career staff.

Volunteer Benefits

We strongly encourage anyone with interest in involvement as a volunteer firefighter to explore participation at their local Volunteer Fire Department. We are always in need of civic minded people to serve within the VFD system in all districts of Storey County.

Active members are covered by county provided employer insurance and the state guaranteed heart and lung insurance provisions.