Volunteer members from any or all stations will respond on all emergencies for which they are specifically notified to respond.

Volunteers may respond to any of the following types of situations:

  • Emergency medical events
  • General rescues
  • Hazardous materials incidents
  • Man-made disasters
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Out of district wildland fire assignments (often to other states - for which they are paid)
  • Structure fires
  • Wildland fires

Constitution & Bylaws

The Volunteer Fire Departments function under a common constitution (PDF) and largely similar bylaws (PDF). They are autonomous Nevada nonprofit corporations in and of themselves and maintain their own identity. They each have their own identifying patch and logos, yet function within a common environment under the auspices of the Storey County Fire Department - the sanctioning county department.

Equipment Provisions

Storey County provides for all of the apparatus (fire trucks) and specialized equipment needed to make each station fully functional. The individual volunteer fire departments often purchase various types of equipment to help equip their own districts through fundraising efforts they put on.

Special events within the county, such as car and motorcycle races, provide opportunities for the individual departments to earn a few dollars for either their own treasuries or for the individual members of those departments.