District Attorney

The District Attorney enforces the criminal laws and acts as counsel for the County Commission and the Storey County School Board, as well as other county boards and agencies.

Child Support

Please note: This office does not handle matters regarding child support. All child support matters will be referred to the State of Nevada Child Support Enforcement, located at:

300 E. 2nd St.
Suite 1200
Reno, Nevada 89501
Ph: 775-448-5150
Ph: 775-448-5155


It is the mission of District Attorney Anne M. Langer, paralegal Debra Burns, and staff, to improve the lives of Storey County residents by enhancing and preserving public safety.

If you suspect criminal activity, we encourage you to report it. Please report crimes to the Storey County Sheriff’s Office at 775-847-0959. If you are experiencing or have witnessed an emergency, please call 911.