Who needs a business license?

A Storey County business license is required for each person, partnership, association, corporation, or firm engaging in any trade, calling, service, profession, or business venture in Storey County, as set forth by county code, whether or not they have offices located in Storey County. You must also have a business license in the jurisdiction where your business is located. 

Each business location within the county must have a separate license. A trade show or convention held in this state in which a business previously described takes part--or in which a person who conducts such a business attends for a purpose related to the conduct of the business--also needs a business license.

Business licenses must be displayed conspicuously at your place of business and in such a manner as to be open to view by the public and subject to inspection. The Business License department must be notified in writing regarding any changes in business name or ownership, location, number of employees, equipment, machines, or any other contingency.

Detailed information on business taxation rates and downloadable forms may be obtained at the Department of Taxation website.

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