How do I know when I should call 911?

Generally speaking, if you ever wonder if you should call 911, then you should place the call. Our communications specialists are specially trained to ask appropriate questions to help determine how emergent a situation is and which emergency services should be dispatched. 

Always call 911 if you are witnessing a crime, a fire, are reporting a serious illness or injury, and for alerting authorities to missing persons.

There are, however, certain instances when calling 911 is not appropriate. These situations include:

  • As a prank
  • To get the time or date
  • To get a phone number
  • To report improper parking
  • To find out weather conditions
  • To get road conditions
  • To report barking dogs
  • To report stray animals
  • To report missing pets
  • To find out if it’s burn season
  • To determine if school is canceled due to weather

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