Commercial Sites

Patrick Business Park

400 +/- acres (rail served) of industrial and commercial space located in Storey County, 1 mile off the Patrick exit of Interstate 80. The park offers state of the art distribution facilities and is one of a handful of industrial parks nationwide dually served by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads.

Tahoe Reno Industrial Center

6,000 acres (rail served) of industrial zoned space. Home to both Fortune 500 and Visionary 2000 companies, TRI was designed to become the model for master-planned industrial development done right. Ideal for manufacturing, distribution, and other heavy industrial operations.

Downtown Virginia City

Numerous storefront pads are available in historic downtown Virginia City. These retail spaces are ideal for any budding business and are amidst the millions of travelers to Virginia City each and every year. From candy stores to jewelry shops, and from souvenir shops to photographers, downtown Virginia City is the place to be for Storey County retailers.