Abatement Services

As a part of maintaining county property and ensuring public safety for its citizens, Storey County Public Works provides some nuisance abatement services.


The County is responsible for ice and snow control on county roadways, a vital public service that keeps urban areas functioning during adverse weather conditions. Residents and business owners are responsible for their sidewalks and alleys.

For the latest information about road conditions or road closures, please visit the Nevada Department of Transportation.

Weed Control

The Public Works department works with the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDOA) to provide weed abatement services for the county to prevent environmental destruction due to noxious weed infestations. Most recently, Spotted Knapweed was discovered and treated in the Virginia Highlands in Storey County.

The Storey County Public Works department is currently designing a county weed plan, which involves a partnership with the Dayton Valley Conservation District, on control of all Tall Whitetop in Six-Mile Canyon.

If you have spotted a noxious weed in Storey County, please contact the Public Works department.

Animal Control

If you are looking for assistance with a neighbor’s barking dog, need to report an injured or dead animal, or for other wild horse/animal issues, please contact the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office handles all animal control issues for the county.