Storey County is an active participant in regional and statewide activities. Our Commissioners regularly attend board meetings to give Storey County representation in these activities as well as to promote the function of the individual boards.

From tourism to historic preservation and drug enforcement to economic development, our Commissioners are active participants in the following boards (the individual Commissioners who sit on these boards are indicated). In some cases, the Commissioner also serve as Chairman.

4th Ward School and Museum Board Jay Carmona
Carson Water Subconservancy District
Kathy Canfield, with Austin Osborne as Alternate
Comstock Historic District
Clay Mitchell
County Board of Equalization Laura Kekule
Marshall McBride
Bill Lewis
Debt Management Board Laura Kekule
Marshall McBride
Pat Whitten
Terry Crokton (Canyon GID)
Economic Development Authority Western Nevada
Austin Osborne
Legislative Representative Clay Mitchell and Austin Osborne, with others (including department heads and staff) as needed
Lockwood Senior Center Lance Gilman
Natural Resources Conservation District (USDA) Kathy Canfield
Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) Lance Gilman, with Austin Osborne as Alternate
Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway Marshall McBride
Nevada Works Lance Gilman, with Austin Osborne as Alernate
Oversight of Public Works, Fire, and Community Development Departments Lance Gilman
Safety Committee Jeff Holman-Chair
St. Mary’s Art Center Jay Carmona
State Land Use Planning Advisory Council Kathy Canfield
Northern Nevada Development Authority Clay Mitchell--Elected Official Seat
Austin Osborne--Appointed Official Seat
Truckee River Flood Management Authority Lance Gilman, with Kathy Canfield as Alernate
Virginia City Tourism Commission (VCTC) Corrado DeGasparis
Ron Gallagher
A. Perry
Angelo Petrini
Jay Carmona
Virginia City Senior Center Lance Gilman
Washoe-Storey Conservation District Kathy Canfield
Western Nevada Development District Clay Mitchell
Wildlife Advisory Board Greg Hess Sr.
Rich Bacus
Casey Kelly
Rob DuFresne
Greg "Bum" Hess