Innovation Zone Updates

The Board of Storey County Commissioners on March 2, 2021, directed county staff and lobbyists to take certain positions on BDR 1109-related draft legislation providing for the creation of Innovation Zones. Storey County opposes the Innovation Zone bill as presented thus far; however, the board finds merit in certain elements of the bill including expanding technology uses across the county and developing a mixed-use residential community at Painted Rock. The following letter summarizes the board’s directives:

Storey County letter stating 03/02 and 03/16 Storey County Commission action

 Audio of 03/02 Storey County Commission Meeting

Storey County Master Plan (2016)

Storey County Master Plan Map for Painted Rock and TRI-Center

Storey County Master Plan Text for Housing and Development

Bill draft as known to-date provided by proponent of Innovation Zone

Bill draft summary provided by proponent of Innovation Zone

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