Clerk's Fees

As outlined in NRS 19, each County Clerk shall charge and collect the following fees:

  • Copies per page: $0.50
  • Certified copy, under seal of the court: $3
  • Issuing transcript of Judgment and certifying thereto: $3
  • Fictitious Firm Name: $20
    • With certified copy: $26
  • Renewal of Fictitious Firm Name: $20
    • With certified copy: $26
  • Record Search for each person, each year: $0.50
  • For examining and certifying any paper, record or proceeding prepared by another and presented for certificate: $5
  • For filing all papers not otherwise provided for, other than papers filed in actions and proceedings in court and papers filed by public officers in their official capacity: $15
  • For issuing any certificate under seal, not otherwise provided for: $6
  • For filing and recording bond of Notary Public, per name: $15
  • Marriage License Application: $85
  • Power of Attorney: $15
    • Plus $15 for each additional name