Landlord Information

Please go to our Forms page for eviction forms. Since the onset of COVID, there have been many changes.  

Being a landlord has many responsibilities. NRS 118A.240 to NRS 118A.300 outlines the obligations of a landlord. These include security deposits, disclosure, habitability of a dwelling unit, and notice of rent increases. You will find further miscellaneous rights and obligations of the landlord from NRS 118A.320 to NRS 118A.340.

The result of a summary eviction is limited to evicting a tenant only. If any money is owed to the landlord, the landlord must seek relief by other means (small claims or formal civil complaint). If, during the summary eviction process, the tenant is ordered to pay their rent to prevent the eviction, it is not considered a judgment against the tenant.

There are many important things to remember in the eviction process. It is important to follow the instructions for service.