General Information & Programs

The District Court provides a wide variety of support services/programs which include:

  • Court Administration - Administration coordinates fiscal, personnel, facilities, and case management services, including:
    • Automation
    • Courthouse security
    • Information and network services
    • Interpreters
    • New programs
    • Procurement
  • Arbitration (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Discovery) - Expedites the resolution of civil cases and mandates non-binding arbitration and settlement conferences for civil cases with a value not in excess of $40,000 per plaintiff
    • Cases involving real estate can not be resolved in this manner
    • Real Estate issues are handled in court
  • Probate - Protects the wishes, rights, and obligations of persons, regarding their property when the persons are unable to do so as a result of death or incapacitating physical or mental illness
  • Jury/Grand Jury services - Manages voucher processes in accordance with judicial requisites
  • Family Mediation - Mediation and assessment services to families involved in domestic relations proceedings where custody and/or visitation are contested