Improvements to the System

Water Filtration Plant

Storey County received a $2,192,925 grant from the State of Nevada Board for Financing Water Projects. This grant was applied toward Storey County's new $2.8 million water treatment plant, which was successfully completed in 1997 and is currently in service.

This state-of-the-art facility provides world-class water filtration services to Virginia City, Gold Hill, and Silver City.

New Pipeline

Under Assembly Bill 198, which is a program to assist with water system improvement projects, the Storey County Board of Commissioners applied for and received a grant for $1.5 million in 2001. This grant was to comprise the majority (71.22%) of the total eligible project cost to replace the water system pipeline. The new pipeline was completed in 2003 and grant funds remain.

In January 2005, Storey County petitioned the Board of Commissioners to use the remaining grant funds for the construction and piping of two new water storage tanks, to replace the existing 130-year-old, earth-lined Five Mile Reservoir. This petition was approved.