Water & Sewer Hook-Ups

The Public Works Water and Sewer Services Division processes all residential and commercial applications for water and/or sewer hook-ups for existing structures/properties as well as for new properties/construction.

The following procedures and fees apply.

Existing Locations

Use the existing residential and commercial locations Application for Water/Sewer Service (PDF)

Water System Senior Discount

Application for Standby

New Commercial

To obtain new water and/or sewer hook-ups, businesses must first obtain approval from the Storey County Board of Commissioners. Once that approval is obtained, you can then contact Public Works for an application or download the Application for New Water/Sewer Connection.

Commercial fees are:
  • Water:$4100
  • Sewer: $4800
      New Water INstall New water sewer pipe install

New Residential

To request water and sewer hook-ups for new residential construction, please complete the applications below and submit them to the Storey County Public Works department for consideration . You can download the water hook-up application (PDF) and sewer hook-up application (PDF).

The following are residential water and sewer hook-up fees:
  • Water: $2500
  • Sewer: $3300
new water sewer install     New WaterSewer Install