Community Service

The Court may order you to complete community service.  It may be ordered in addition to a fine or in lieu of a fine.  You may also request to perform community service if you are unable to pay a fine.  If a fine has already been ordered and you find that you are unable to make the payments, you may request a hearing to determine your ability to pay the fines and fees.  You will find the documents on our Forms page under Miscellaneous Forms.

Community service must be performed for and under the supervising authority of a county, city, town, or other political subdivision or agency of the State of Nevada, or a charitable organization that renders service to the community or its residents.

Insurance Fees

The court may require a convicted person to deposit a reasonable sum of money to pay for the cost of policies of insurance against liability for personal injury and damage to property or for industrial insurance, or both, during those periods in which the person performs the community service, unless, in the case of industrial insurance, it is provided by the authority for which the person provides the community service.


If the court allows community service, the judge's clerk will provide a Virginia Township Justice Court Community Service Referral to the convicted person.

It is the responsibility of the convicted person to provide proof of completion of community service hours to the Court by way of the completed Referral Form.