Pretrial Services

Every person charged with a crime must be treated with fairness. Every alleged victim and every community deserves to be safe.  Pretrial conditions seek to ensure community safety and reduce re-offenses and failures to appear by allowing qualified defendants to remain out of jail and maintain jobs and other commitments while awaiting court dates.

If you have been arrested and are released from jail, you will receive written information that tells you what, if any, pretrial conditions have been placed upon you. For example, if you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence, a pretrial condition may be that you not consume alcohol. 

At the time of your arraignment, the judge will explain pretrial conditions to you. If you are placed on more extensive conditions, such as random drug and/or alcohol testing, the judge will order you to see the Pretrial Clerk for instructions. If you are using a monitoring device, the Pretrial Clerk will explain how to use the device and the cost of the device.

If you have more procedural and/or technical questions about Pretrial Conditions and monitoring devices, you are welcome to call our Court at 775-847-0962


Bracelet - No Ethernet:   $8.00 per day
Bracelet with Ethernet:   $9.00 per day

Remote Breath Device:   $7.00 per day

SCRAM Bracelet:   $1,400.00
SCRAM Base Station/Ethernet:  $700.00
Strap Replacement:  $175.00
Remote Breath Test Device:  $1,190.00
Remote Breath Test Straw:  $6.00
Remote Breath Test Charger:  $35.00
Remote Breath Device Case:  $12.00